FACTO is, first and foremost, a game - an educational game - aimed at getting two or more players to enjoy practising Times Tables. A tall order?

Exercise for its own sake can be a dreary chore, but in the context of a game it is transformed into a source of enjoyment. FACTO aims to make that difference - but it needs to be played regularly to acheive results.

The idea behind FACTO is simple, and since the outcome of the game depends on chance as well as skill, the loser need not feel embarrassed.

Even in these days of calculators, a good knowledge of Times Tables is very important. It remains an essential building block of Maths, and a vital ingredient of every exam candidate's self -confidence in handling numbers.

There are 'Non-Calculator' papers in maths exams these days, because the authorities realised that candidates were becoming calculator-dependent. and decided to do something about it.

FACTO costs £9.99. It is sent out by post as soon as payment is received and the cheque cleared.

Contact Ord Adams: ord@factogame.co.uk